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Mosquitos thrive in warm and humid weather, which makes the Cypress, Texas area the perfect breeding ground for these pests. If you're dealing with a large number of mosquitos near your home, call All N-1 Pest Control Management, LLC right away. We offer professional mosquito control services in the Cypress, TX & Katy, TX region.

mosquito control in cypress tx and katy tx

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3 mosquito facts you should know

Most of us know how annoying mosquitos can be when they bite. But here are three facts about mosquitos you might not know:

  • Only female mosquitos feed on human blood.
  • Mosquitos typically live for three weeks. Some species can live up to six months.
  • Professional mosquito control is the best way to remove mosquitos from your home.
Mosquito bites are painful and itchy, and mosquitos have also been known to transmit diseases. Don't suffer all summer long with mosquitos swarming your property. Contact All N-1 Pest Control Management today to schedule mosquito control services in Cypress and the surrounding Katy, TX area.